Professional Firearms Instruction, LLC and Firearmspro provide Utah Concealed Concealed Firearm Permit training.  Firearmspro and Professional Firearms Instruction, LLC sell Fenix Flashlights.  Firearmspro sells C2 and X26C taser products.  Professional Firearms Instruction, LLC offers Coronado Concealment Purses and flashlights including Fenix.  Utah Concealed Firearm Permits training is provided by Firearmspro and Professional Firearms Instruction, LLC.
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Custom Firearms and PFIDude give an intro into the world of Custom Saiga 12 Shotguns. These Saiga Shotguns have been modified and tuned by PFI ( and many custom variants are available.
A quick video highlighting one of the PFI Saiga 12 Shotguns.  We took a break from running and gunning to pile up some shells.
We custom build these shotguns to the customer's specs. Call us if you would like a custom quote.
Test Firing CP's Pistol Grip Saiga 12, amazing action and super fast cycling. Custom Saiga 12 Shotgun built by PFI and PFIDude on the trigger for another epic 20rd Magazine Dump.
PFIDude breaks in another custom built Saiga 12. This shotgun was built by for DBOZ.
To help raise some money for the Huntsman Cancer Institute, TNP crew member "PFIDude" ( has special pink merchandise in stock at his website.
PFIDude and PFIDad sneak off to the shooting range on Mother's Day to test fire some of's Custom Saiga 12 Shotguns.
PFIDude gives a BIG THANKS to Blasko up in New York "Keep it SAFE up there Buddy" and test fires two more Saiga 12's. Both Saigas were Built by
A Nutnfancy YouTube Video Review of PFI Paracord Products.
The impressive Smith and Wesson TRR8 makes first runs in the "Trench Warfare Drill" with "PFIDude."
An excellent video review of the Condor Tactical Soft Shell Jacket by Nutnfancy.